Portrait – David Bicari (Lebicar)

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Since the beginning of our adventure, we’ve had the opportunity to build such great relationships, and we’d like to share some of these with you. We’d like to start with Montreal artist David Bicari (Lebicar), that you’ve most probably noticed in our campaign video and our imagery. David is also the artist behind our exclusive print, offered amongst our Kickstarter rewards.

Explain to us what you do for a living.
I'm a visual artist!

Describe a typical day in the life of Lebicar.
In the morning it's all about coffee, baby time and emails! After that, I head to the atelier and dive into meetings, brainstorming, communication and the ever so boring administrative work (pretty boring actually ahah). If it's nice out, I always try to finish my afternoon outside with some skateboarding, walking and some coffee. Once I get home, a little glass of wine awaits on the terrace, dinner, and then it's back to baby duty! When everyone is asleep is when I work on my illustrations or personal projects like my online store! I like working at night; there are less distractions. After all this, it's time for a good shower and bedtime.

Could you share a project that you’re really inspired by, that you would have liked to stamp?
At the moment I'm really inspired by sculptural work, I love Pierre Bourgault's work.

What is your go-to instagram page?
@mattymatheson makes me laugh a lot!

If you could, where would you live for a year?
That's not an easy question, Europe I guess? I'd say Berlin!

If you could have a drink with someone that you look up to, who would that person be?
I think I can learn a lot from Geoff McFetridge. I'd also like to share a glass of wine with Tyler the Creator, that'd be great.

What's a book that made you reflect recently?
Unfortunately, I'm not a huge reader but I loved the visual photography book by artist Gab Bois: New Album - An Artistic Book.

Which of the Wide pieces would you wear if you had to wear it for 2 days straight?
The Sleeveless Puffy Vest is my go-to! It's so comfortable!

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